How To Roll A Joint Like A Military Veteran

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Elijah here straight from the front-lines of Cannabis education on how to roll a joint. We made the latest video “How to roll a joint like a military veteran” so you could roll along with us. I hope you already did!

Let me tell you a story… During the planning phases of my review show, I wanted to remove the stigmas associated with medical Marijuana uses. Cool eh? So answer me this…why can’t it be funny?

If cannabis education is comedic does it negate the validity of the medical practice? Hell no.
So laugh a little and live longer! Come on and let’s “MED-U-CATE”. That simply is a word I invented to help educate the masses while discussing the medical benefits of awesome cannabis.
I just love sharing my patient experience honestly.

I’m praying the parties in power have another backyard BBQ or two so they can reconsider the legislation holding me back from getting an lp to fund my show. So for now, it’s out of my pocket for you…Dig it! So sign up and pay your fee to help us connect you to a healthcare professional so you can connect to an LP (Canadian residents only). So feed me, click “Subscribe” tune in and “Like” and follow us.

Oh yeah one other thing people, Noah rolls up like a champ & now so should you. Go forth & be “Canna-Blessed” see you next Saturday!

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