Stellio “Kosher Kush” by MedReleaf

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Stellio By Medreleaf

Stellio by Medreleaf is an Indica-dominant strain at 30% Sativa 70% Indica. Its genetics are Kosher Kush and is known to treat pain, nausea, sleep issues, and depression along with others. Stellio by Medreleaf can also help with appetite stimulation. It is known to be perfect for night-time consumption.
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Elijah’s Review of Stellio by MedReleaf

“This is an incredible product with unknown genetics from MedReleaf. I like the mystique. Here’s what we do know. It is 70% Indica and 30% Sativa (Yum Yum). As always, I recommend vaping over smoking but this smokes lovely indeed. The buds can vary in size but are tight and wonderful! Lots of beautiful smelling crystal to have you drooling with a slight cheese nose. Very pungent bouquet. You’ll love the fragrant vape sessions time after time. I found myself enjoying immediate pain relief, appetite stimulation & a general sense of well being. Put me right in the now! I became sharp and focused on whichever tasks presented themselves. I began to write music immediately. This is important as the pressures of life can take away from the desire to make a joyful noise. Stellio a catalyst for enthusiasm and change. I highly recommend this strain if it’s within one’s own budget. This strain will definitely recharge the endocannabinoid system and help you move forward. It’s a medium priced strain but you are worth the investment. Stelliooooooo!”

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