Elijah Calls On Justin Trudeau While Reviewing Elevare By MedReleaf

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Elijah’s Elevare By MedReleaf Review

“My review on Alien Chemdog was taped days before my redemption by Da Vinci
vaporizers & my Awesome friends @ Things in downtown Fredericton NB who
showed me a better way. I now vape exclusively…

But back to Elevare by MedReleaf! This awesome Landrace Afghani plant crossElevare By MedReleaf
with original Chemdawg is an out of the park smoke. This dog of a strain will have you playing fetch with your bong/vape/or whatever. Don’t smoke too much or your other worldly experience may leave you with the squints and or the stupids.

You’ll love the massive psychoactive effects and extraordinary feelings of symptomatic relief for a number of issues like fatigue, nausea, depression and
of course appetite stimulation. Warning extreme munchy alert! You’ll medicate then and find yourself scouring the cupboards and fridge scurrying to and fro just like being taken for a walk by your tummy.

This one immediately sends me into deep musical hallucinations and inspirations. I loved this 25% indica 75% Sativa. Elevare is a monster weed 10 out of 10. You will
find yourself sitting pretty, begging for more. Woof woof people.”

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