I Took this “Dawg” For A Walk – Donegal “Chem Dog” By Tweed Review

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Donegal By Tweed

Donegal by Tweed is a hybrid 50% Indica & 50% Sativa strain. Donegal comes from the licensed producer Tweed. Most batches are 18% – 19% THC and 0% CBD. The batch Elijah reviews below is 18% THC and 0.05% CBD. Patents have said that the use of Donegal has helped with their sleep disorders and chronic pain. It is typically prescribed for depression, insomnia and pain. 

Donegal By Tweed

We would LOVE to hear about your experiences with Donegal and what conditions it has helped you with! Have a question before ordering? Elijah would be honored to answer you from his own personal experiences! Feel free to comment below. We want to hear from you!

Elijah’s Donegal by Tweed Strain Review

“I loved Donegal and it loved me right back. One of Tweeds highest caliber strains, it is worth the money. Smoke too much and it is nappy time! Incredible smell…Clinical. Truly living up to the name “Chem Dawg”. The taste was immaculate. The growers at Tweed have truly shown them how! This is definitely not something you want to smoke before you go to work at the circus as a chainsaw juggler because you may lose a limb and die laughing. Chem Dawg is a real scream. This gives immediate and a most thorough pain relief and a deep penetrating long lasting high.

If you are a new MMPR patient go easy on this onion or you will go back so far you’ll be in front of yourself. If you are a seasoned MMPR patient then this is your “Bitch.” You won’t wanna put this puppy in the kennel and it will never leave a mess on your floor.

The order came so quickly, it was almost as if they passed it through the phone to me! The good folks at Tweed made the order so easy through the phone. I spoke to an agent who clearly loved their job!”

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